The Age of Faith

Into the Fae Wild

Ork Wars Arc Session 8

We woke up this morning and most of us went upstairs (Fia was reading). Horomir was there, he was deeply unimpressed by news of the ale fight and the lack of Ryndes. After we told him what had happened he told us Ryndes owed him a debt and at nightfall he was going to go to the Fae Wilds and retrieve her body.

After much discussion we decided we would go with him. Since we then had some time to kill we decided to finally go catch some cockatrice, bringing along Uru Vol and the dragon eggs. This seemed to be going well, despite (Ryndes) accidentally killing one of the 7, and another one getting away, but then we found a giant cockatrice with metal claws and stuff. We fought it a little before calling a truce and talking things out.

We ended up making a treaty with him, which is good since Niz told us he was some kind of Guardian of the forest. Then we headed back to the keep. We still had time to kill so most of us slept, I think Fia read some more.

Once we woke we decided to leave the dragon eggs with Uru Vol and head out with Horomir. He stopped us a ways from the keep, said it was far enough and told us to sleep.
I woke up in what, I assume, is the Fae Wilds. With no real direction we wandered for a while, with me leading Fia as she read and practising some language with Mercy, until we realised we’d passed the same pond several times.

Eventually we stopped and ended up speaking to a Guardian, an Alsied (?), who said we could only move on if we swore not to use fire or intentionally harm the plants. We swore and she pointed us towards a small village.

The village seemed abandoned until Mercy used a lamp to check for magic and saw the town’s inhabitants were invisible. Eventually one of them appeared to us, Behal, and told us they were Erina. We end up making a deal with him that, in return for weapons he’d be our guide until we found the centaur.

Behal suggested The Bear King might be able to find our centaur, so we headed out to his kingdom. As we headed there we ran into some bear-people and Niz turned into a bear to talk to them. They then took to The Bear King, who agreed to help us if we went and captured a woman for him.

The deal made, The Bear King transported us to the woman’s location (sans Behal, Horomir and Sylve). We had quite a hard fight as she kept rebounding our attacks on us, but we managed to beat herm nobody died, and we used the portal stone The Bear King had given us to go back to him with the unconscious magic bitch.

I did not like her.



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