The Age of Faith

Winters Wrath (Orc War Arc Session 7) Recap

Fia’s Adventure Log

Today after bravely defeating the fearsome Dragon hiding away beneath the mines, and managing to rescue another helpless civilian from its terrible clutches, our Glorious Band of Companions—The Flamehearts—return victoriously to our keep.

We arrive to discover the people of the keep have decided to make much merriment, singing and dancing in a marvellous expression of joy. It appears that the cause of the celebration is a male Drake who has arrived with a giant casket of ale and is selling his wares in exchange for stories.

I, being quite excited to read my new magical Book of Health decide to leave my companions for the warmth of the forge and a good book. However, while I am gone Mercy becomes quite upset at the workers have abandoned their employment for the sake of drinking and is quite worried that there is some kind of enchantment influencing the people. In an attempt to placate Mercy’s concern Akra agrees to cast the marvellously useful spell on the cask to discover if there is an enchantment at work. Akra discovers that there is a spell on the cask to reinforce it that hides any of the magic on the ale.

Mercy, in her frustration, attempts to convince some of the people to halt their revelry, and in failing that, attempts to convince the Drake to stop giving the workers ale. She is less persuasive than she’d like, with the Drake agreeing to stop providing ale when the large barrel is finally empty, but refusing to stop providing them with ale until then.

In her frustration, Mercy seeks out my magnificent assistance in dealing with the Drake. I was terribly sad to be drawn away from my book but gladly pledge my assistance in stopping this fiend. Then I determinedly go to face the drunken Drake and attempt to gently knock him out by bashing him over the head with my shield.

Unfortunately this does not work.

The Drake responds by activating his control of the people of the keep resulting in us getting into a fight with him and some of the guards. Being untrained, they served no match for us and in the process of the battle we accidentally killed 5 of them when it turns out attacking a man who is made of alcohol with Immerith the Fire Elemental can be rather…explosive.

The people of the keep were reasonably upset with us for this, and Mercy failed to placate them with the fact that we were defending ourselves from controlled innocents. In order to avoid upsetting the grieving people more we sleep in the temple underneath the keep.
When we awaken the next morning, we are surprised by a large purple tent that has appeared on the grounds.

As we walk into the tent we discover that the insides appear as a royal welcoming chamber instead of a tent, and the helpless civilian we rescued from the dragon’s lair, Gria, has taken to selling fortune-tellings to the people of the keep. He also had a monkey companion with the head of a goat who seemed less than impressed with our party.

In exchange for rescuing him from the cave with the dragon Gria gifts us one Wand of Firebolt, as well as selling us one boom potion (an unknown potion that explodes very loudly) and four minor healing potions.

After expressing our gratitude we exit his tent and see a group of Orcs appearing out of the forest. The leader was riding a dire wolf and had greyish skin resembling that of Niz after her tragic death, and there were three other half-orcs as well as three smaller minions. The smaller minions were quickly defeated by the might of Akra with one of her spell, but the larger Orcs were worthy enemies.

One of the battle was fearsome but unfortunately I was unable to use my new wand against our enemies because my companions were very close to them, and because I forgot to ask how to turn it on.

Strangely partway through the battle Akra vanished, only to shockingly reappear again when the death-orc was defeated. She has yet to onfirm whether or not there was invisibility involved but she seemed strangely upset after her return. Or possibly hungry. Either or.

After our battle we go back to the keep to hide out in the tunnels away from the mourning people of the keep, and to avoid their possible desire for vengeance.

I decided to skip sleeping and continue to read my marvellous new book, achieving 23 out of the 48 hours I will need to finish its magic.




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