The Age of Faith

When things get bad, they can either get better...or worse.

Whisperbrook session 3 recap

Azeria’s Druidic Journal For Mhegan

I change into my forest cat shape to jump up into the second story window to follow that trouble making thief. Within seconds of touching onto the carpet of a child’s bedroom a high pitched scream cuts through the air, I look up to see a little girl turning to run away from us. I shrink to my house cat size and slink under the bed, Erion turns, jumping out the window onto the balcony. Ren jumps up onto the balcony, how he managed this i have no idea, he tells Erion to surrender, Erion however doesn’t like this idea knowing the end result is him hanging from a tree, he backflips off the balcony and out of sight. From the sounds coming through the window I assume he jumped the gate and tried to make a run for it, however with Ren following, I don’t think he will get far.
Before I can think about Erion any further, a pair of mens brown boots stomp into the room followed by the bare feet of the little girl, the poor thing sounds terrified as she describes Erion and I to her uncle who assures her that Erion will be caught and that there doesn’t seem to be any cats in her room. The girl then huffs and refuses to believe she imagined the cat, her bravery is truly amazing as she starts opening draws and her cupboard doors trying to find me, I stay hidden under her bed trying to stay silent and stop my tail from twitching. Fro outside i can hear voices suggestion that Erion had been captured, poor idiot, his terrible decision had cost him his life. The little girl finally made her way to the bed and suddenly her adorable blonde head ducked down and she let out a little eep of happiness about not being completely wrong as I tried to back away towards the window. Just as I reached the edge of the bed a hand grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, I hadn’t noticed the Baron’s brother coming around the side of the bed to block me.
“Not quite a forest cat is she? Ah well, even if she is harmless she can’t stay here.” and with that he carried me out, through the mannor and to the front door which he opens and tosses me out, doesn’t just let me down, actually throws me, insolent human. the courtyard is empty, what ever happened to Erion and the others is all over now. I slink through the gates and head back to the inn to my rooms and get some much needed sleep.


Once morning comes we all meet up in the dining room of the inn and Ark begins talking to an Elven Ranger sitting by a window tossing chunks of meat out. They fill me in on what had happened to Erion, this Elf had seen him trying to escape and had shot him in the leg and ensured he was captured, Erion was now waiting in the stocks for his appointment. We decide to head on over to the Baron’s house to inform him of everything we had found the day before and just as we get up to leave a halfling girl with short black hair comes running in and up to Ulfgar, she say’s that the thing that he helped with the other night may not be finished, she had sent guards down to ensure that the creatures wouldn’t return and that they had never come back. Ulfgar tells her that we need to speak to the Baron and that we would see her after that.

The Baron is in a less than friendly mood when we arrive at his house. he complains about being kept up all night dealing with our “Friend”, I tell him that friend is a strong term, and that acquaintance is a much better word. The baron also tells us about a further issue after we claim our payment he mentions a series of attacks on merchants coming from Mildew, these attacks were apparently committed by plant creatures, just like those from my vision. I tell him that this is a problem that I want to put an end to as soon as possible.

We Leave the barron and head over to Pan’s Tavern and she points us down to the cellar, she said that a few days ago she had sent six guards down the tunnel and that they hadn’t returned. We head down the tunnel, following it for hours.
Finally we emerge into the bright light of a valley, there are three small green creatures with black boils and three drained guards, all dead. In my wolf form I sniff around and find that there are bites on the green creatures which have caused the boils. We drag all the corpses in preparation for a burial and head over to the opposite side of the valley to the entrance of another cave system, unlike the tunnel we came from, which was scratched out and roughly made, this one has been excavated properly, there are drag marks on the ground, I can smell the guards, and the green earthy smell of plants. Suddenly the wind changes bringing with it the smell of rotten flesh, I whip around to see the three dead guards lumbering towards us.
Our party scrambles to defend ourselves, however its hard when every attack we do causes spores to be released making us sick and our vision to become blurry. One by one the guards fell again. We collected the bodies and burnt them along with the small green creatures. At the mouth of the cave Ark notices someone lying on the ground, its one of the guards who is slowly dying. I rush forward and heal him. The guard tells us that he and his fellow guards came out of the tunnel saw the green creatures had been killed, though that the job was done and turned to leave, but just as they had they were ambushed by strange vine people, before they could defend themselves they were overwhelmed. We tell him to head back to town and we are going to clear out the cave. He agrees with our plan and tells us he will bring back reinforcements.

Heading into the cave we come to a 15 ft drop, unfortunately, Mist, Haulduron’s wolf familiar wasn’t able to come with us so he had to wait behind, something im sure he wasn’t happy with. The cave opened up to a room with a pile of corpses in one corner, a mix of human and animal with vines tangled through them in the centre of the room was a cauldron the coals under were still glowing. After our last encounter with the dead we burnt the bodies to ensure nothing followed us. Ulfgar looked in the cauldron as we passed by and scooped up a small amount of purple potion into his flask. We came into the next room to see a cavern filled with vines, covering the floor and hanging from the roof, further up the cavern we can see five figures, we can also see another entry point to the cavern closer to the group and decide to backtrack and head in that way.
As I turn back I get the sense of magic, its like mine, based in nature, however its twisted, corrupted, wrong, I get a terrible feeling of unease. We get to the second entry point and I say that I need to go first, I wanted to see if I could get any information on what is going on and I felt like my companions would probably hit first talk later. I come around the corner expecting to see five but only see two. Two women, made of vines, the turn and look at me, telling me to leave this place. I reply that I am here to investigate whats going on, they tell me that I am not worthy, that there Master is too powerful to be bothered with the likes of me. I tell them that I don’t want to fight them or their master, I’m only here to talk, but they wouldn’t move, they told me that I would have to prove myself. I conceded to this challenge, however these vine creatures are stronger than I thought, they clawed at me and eventually overpowered me. I failed. How was I supposed to stand up to this Master when I couldn’t even manage his minions.


After I had been revived we continued through the cavern, coming to a tomb. Inside the room was a man, made from vines also, furiously searching inside the tomb, he was picking random items out and throwing them across the room. I tried to speak to him, but he refused to acknowledge me. Finally he pulls out a broken sword, it is only now that he seems to notice me properly, unfortunately, this just makes the situation worse, this man, Pantrantra is beyond arrogant, he tells us he is only attacking the town as he is bored, he needs an army to help in his own realm, but this is a slow task and he needs to do something to keep him occupied, he says all this whilst pacing and swinging this broken sword around. He tells us that he is interested in Erions hanging and that he will be attending his hanging. At this point Ark has had enough, he tells Panrantra that he will hunt him down, that he will never get away from any of this, as much as I admire his strength and tenacity, but just from looking at Pant I can tell that he is so much stronger than us, even if we could work together. Ark turns to walk away, but Pant simply waves his hand and Ark drops asleep.
Pant continues to tell us why he needs this army and why we shouldn’t bother trying to stop him, he tells us that he was once the Lord of the Hunt, Haul then laughs and says “More like Lord of the Cunt.” Pant, does not find this funny and I have to smother my laugh as I see Haul suddenly paralyzed. Now there is only me and Ulfgar still standing, he swings the broken sword one more time then tells us he is done here, he says there is plenty more treasure still in the tomb, and with that he walks past Haul and over the sleeping Ark and away he goes. I look at Ulfgar and I can tell that he isn’t going to attempt to go after him.
Together Ulfgar and I head over to the tomb and we each pull out a couple of items, I also pull out 6 moon stones. Happy with our haul I walk over to Haul and heal his paralysis and Haul then kicks Ark awake, together they walk over and each collect their items, just as Ark pulls out his second item the tomb starts to fade in and out of existence before disappearing all together. With that we make our way back to the entrance of the cave to find at least twenty guards waiting for us as well as Mist. We tell them we have cleared out the cave system and that we are heading back to town. We walk the two hours back to the tavern, we tell Pan that there shouldn’t be any problems but to fill up the tunnel as soon as possible and then head back to the inn for a much needed dinner and rest.

I feel very uneasy about this situation, I feel that we don’t have the power to stop Pantrantra, I could even stop his creations, I am no match for his power and magic, and by the time I could be close he could have wreaked hell on this land.



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