Ulfgar Hammerheim

A noble born Mountain Dwarf wizard


Strength: 18
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 11

17 HP
11 AC


Born into the noble Hammerheim clan, Ulfgar worked hard in mines using his natural strength for years. He had always preferred reading and knowledge, to the disdain of his father, who saw no merit in the arcane arts and believed strength proved a Dwarf’s worth. His older sister, Diesa, agreed with her father’s mentality and often scolded Ulfgar for not using his strength to his full potential and being more interested in books. However, Audhild Hammerheim, Uflgar’s mother, supported him in secret, providing him with books and even giving him his childhood pet Raziel, a pitch black Pseudodragon.

After decades of being forced to endure the taunts of his father and sister and work in the mines, rather than continuing to study spells like he wanted, Ulfgar had decided it needed to change. Deciding the best time for this would be the annual feast his family held, an event in which all the other noble Dwarf families would be present for, he chose this as his chance to prove himself and his magical prowess. Half way through the feast, Ulfgar stood on the table, summoning the guests eyes to him, hearing his father sighing to his side. He had decided a minor cantrip such as earth bolt would be enough to show the Dwarfs his worth, but with all the eyes on him and the guests murmuring that he would inevitably create a problem, Ulfgar realized it would not be enough. He attempted to cast a spell far above his level, and instead caused chaos at the feast. Noble guests were flung from their seats and smashed into the walls, food turned rotten and mead to swamp water, and several of the nobles clothes turned to ash.

Furious, Ulfgar’s father cursed his son and shouted at him. His father grabbed Raziel off of Ulfgar’s neck and attempted to behead the Pseudodragon with this handaxe, who only survived as Ulfgar cast his childhood friend into a pocket dimension to save him. In front of all the guests at the feast, now disheveled and enraged, Fargrim pronounced that Ulfgar was now clanless. Running out of the room, he looked back to see his father, staring wrathfully at him, his sister smirking quietly, and his mother sobbing. This was the last glance of his family he saw as Ulfgar ran, collecting only a few personal belongings quickly before fleeing from the mountain that had always been his home.

Looking for a way to redeem himself in his family’s eyes, and to prove the magic he had spent years researching would not bring shame to his clan, Ulfgar now roams the world, a clanless Dwarf.

Family crest – Ruby, his clans signature gem, with hammers either side diagonally
Arcane Focus – A ruby cut to resemble his mountain home
Sister- Diesa Hammerheim
Mother – Audhild Hammerheim
Father – Fargrim Hammerheim
Pseudodragon Familiar – Raziel

Ulfgar Hammerheim

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