Fiametta Firebrand

Fire Genasi bardbarian with dark grey skin and red hair and eyes


Fia/Fiametta Firebrand

Fiametta Firebrand, Adventurer, barbarian… head in the clouds

Age: 25
Fire Genasi, Barbarian (Bezerker)
Born: Hailfire
Appearance: Dark grey skin, Red hair (varying shades of red)

Skills: Intimidation, Athletics, Insight, Persuasion

- Trained Blacksmith (Parents had retired so that Fia and her brother Blaze could take charge of the family business, but came out of retirement so that she could travel)
- Firebrand Smith works primarily with obsidian and other metals obtained from the nearby volcano.
- Due to her ability to manipulate heat, she can make small items using her hands without a smith out of malleable metals like gold (usually jewellery). This is how she intends to fund her adventures when they do not come with direct rewards
- Decided to leave Hailfire in seek of adventures, after having listened to all the stories when she goes to the port town Heilm for trade

- Dramatic and impulsive
- Not very tactful, tends to say what’s on her mind, but is generally a nice person so it doesn’t backfire on her as much as it could
- Tends to let her emotions dictate her actions, is very much an in the moment person, will get very angry when insulted, will get really sad when she misses her family, gets very happy when she finds new things or new people
- The kind of person who wakes people up at 4am because shes JUST SO EXCITED about their mission tonight or gets really angry because someone said something cruel within her vicinity and then starts yelling at everyone
- Tends to annoy people when she doesn’t notice that her behaviour is inappropriate because she’s so engrossed in her feelings
- Her family and her hometown is really important to her – while she wishes to explore she also wants to go home eventually
- She loves fighting, loves testing her skills and going all out. But she doesn’t actually like hurting others, so will hold back in sparing when against weaker opponents. She uses people who hurt others as an excuse to fight without worrying about hurting them.
- She impulsively decides if she likes people or not based off of her first impressions. Will immediately hate people she sees being mean, but will also like people she see’s being kind. Has insight so her first impressions tend to be fairly good, but
- She won’t change her mind, ever.
- Might become more willing to work with people she dislikes over time, but won’t ever get over her first impression of them. Very stubborn.
- She is excited by all the new races and cultures she is seeing so is really interested in making new friends. She’s more likely to talk to species that don’t live in Hailfire, but will also be nice to people who are from there because she’s homesick

- Gets anxious and seasick when on boats or surrounded by water
- When feeling strong emotions or when startled tends to summon small flames, will juggle them when happy or excited and use them to set nearby on fire when not happy

Fiametta Firebrand

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