Erion Agis Shadewhisper

Dark Elf Rogue Shadow Spy


Strength: 13
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 6

HP = 24
AC = 15

Saving Throws
Dexterity & Intelligence

Dancing Lights
Faerie Fire (1per day)
Alter Self (once per short rest)
Darkness (@ Level 5)


Dark Grey Skin
1 Green eye 1 Red eye
Mask over Face (To Cover Burns)
Green Clothing
Being born into royalty of the Dark Elves, Agis Shadewhisper (birth name) had everything he could want, loving parents, mentors, wealth, anything his heart could desire. Only 10 years into his life a civil war broke out between the Dark Elves and the High Elves over territory, power, control, resources. Erion Shadewhisper, his father and Syurna Shadewhisper, His mother, being the leaders of this great civilization, were targeted by many assassins sent by the high elf leader Anishar Breezesong. With countless attempts made and none successful, Agis, being so young there was nothing he could do. He reached out to other Dark elves but he knew of no one that was capable of helping to this extent. One evening his childhood high elf friend Jannok made contact with him, telling Agis that he could help, Agis being scared and not knowing what to do he let Jannok in to discuss, not knowing Jannok was working with a team of assassins, the assassin team knocked Agis unconscious, flying him under a bed.
Agis, slowly regains consciousness due to the smoke and ash smothering the air around him. His eyes barely open enough to see his parents, on the floor, dead with their hands sliced off and left to burn. Agis attempts to scream but can’t, he was falling in and out of consciousness as he feels someone pick him up but is unaware of whom it may be.

A few hours later Agis regains consciousness, but not at home. He Looks around, he sees forestry, a river and no buildings in site. Down by the river side was Ryo, His fathers most trusted advisor and trainer. Agis sprung up and started to cry and screamed “RYO!!!” Ryo turned around to see a burned Agis, his face half burnt, he walks slowly up to Agis and attaches a carved wooden face mask to the right side of Agis’s burnt face. Agis screams “WHAT HAPPENED TO ATAR AND ATARA” (translates to Father and Mother) Ryo explains what happened to them while looking down in shame. Agis screamed in anger “IM GONNA KILL THEM, I’LL KILL THEM ALL” as he falls crying into Ryo’s arms. Agis asks Ryo to be trained to help remove Anishar from the throne. Ryo Agrees.

Almost 100 years later Agis now being old enough to be classed in adulthood, due to elven culture has left his Birth name for his adulthood name which he is now known as Erion Agis Shadewhisper, after his father. Ryo has taught Erion so much in the arts of thievery, stealth, assassinating, burglary and so much more. Having now almost a hundred years of experience under Erions belt, he set out to get revenge for his family and to bring the Dark elves race back into society. Starting with finding Jannok and then working up to Anishar.

He only hopes leaving Ryo to search for Jannok in Whisper Brooke won’t end badly as he’s the only family Erion has got left.

Erion Agis Shadewhisper

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