Elnera Halestone

Hill Dwarf Cleric/Paladin


STR: 18
DEX: 11
CON: 16
INT: 13
WIS: 19
CHR: 13
AC: 18+2
HP: 81
SAVING THROWS: Wisdom+Charisma

Long blonde hair wrapped around her head in a single plait, wears full plate armor with a shield along with a battle and boarding axes one strapped to each hip.
She is generally pretty friendly, but is extremele protective of the people she cares about and has little patience for those that annoy her.


Husband: Adrick Fireforge
Brother in Law: Dain Fireforge
Mother in Law: Vistra Fireforge
Father in Law: Fargrin Fireforge
Father: Darrack Halestone
Mother: Bardryn Halestone
Older Brother: Travok Halestone
Younger Sibling: Unknown
Friends/Connections: Neshim
Anton (deceased)
Gardain (deceased)
Darien (Anton’s son/Captain of the Spirit Runner)

Elnera Halestone

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